Educational Background

Photo of a smiling womanEvguenia’s educational background consists of 10 years of Energy healing and Expressive Arts studies, 20+ years in business essence expression along with the interest in various meditative practices, alternative sexuality and psychological research. Therefore my background allows me to better support you through your healing journey: spirit, heart, mind and body.

Evguenia is a Brennan Healing Science Practitioner, having graduated from world’s premier institute of hands-on healing and personal transformation called Barbara Brennan School of Healing® US after 4 years’ training. Moreover, imitation rolex BBSH was established by Dr. Barbara Brennan, former NASA physicist and is the only healing school where one can earn a Bachelor of Science degree in healing.

The undergraduate four year Professional Studies Program consists of:
  • 2,200+ hours of coursework focusing on:
  • High sense perception development
  • Psychological studies
  • Deep contact and listening skills
  • 72h+ personal process sessions help students heal their wounds and become guides into the journey of others
  • 100+ hands-on practice healing sessions ensure professionalism
In addition to Evguenia’s healing training, she:
  • Completed one full year of Anatomy and Physiology studies (Seneca College)
  • Graduated with a 4 years Honors Bachelor of Graphic Design Degree from York University (Toronto, Canada)
  • Took part in 2 years of professional Art and Design studies from one of the most prestigious Art Universities St. Petersburg State Academy of Art and Industry A. L. Stieglitz (St. Petersburg, Russia)
  • Volunteers as a Sex Educator leading Sexuality-Based Workshops (University of Toronto)
  • Runs Sexual Pleasure Workshops at various venues including Sex Club (Oasis), her private practice, sex stores and location of client’s choice

Evguenia is an award-winning expert in Visual Brand Development and Design. She runs – High-end Graphic Design Boutique based in Toronto, Canada.

In her healing work, Evguenia integrates many other modalities and techniques that she has learned and experienced throughout the years:
  • 20 years of professional methodology of distilling unique business’ visual essences (link) – similar to accompanying a person on their journey of personal greatness discovery
  • Meditative techniques and teachings centered around spirit, derived from my past 10 years of keen interest in Guided meditative practices and spiritual teachings (leading my own meditation circle), Kundalini Yoga and Mindfulness meditative practices and studies of Kabbalah
  • Ways of artistic creative expression I’ve learned throughout my over 20 years of professional Art and Design training as well as writing and dance interests (Ecstatic, Contact Improve etc.)
  • Inspirational teachings by BHS (work of Dr. Barbara Brennan), Pathwork (Eva Pierrakos) and Core Energetics (Dr. John Pierrakos)
  • Sex positive psychotherapy teachings/culture inspired by Christopher Ryan, Esther Perel, Dossie Easton and Tristan Taormino