Personal Journey


Smiling woman in a flowery dress, outdoorsHaving gone through a deep personal transformation myself – my heart’s biggest desire is to help you discover your gifts and live a fuller life by supporting your journey.

Evguenia (aka Alice) was born in Saint Petersburg Russia and had a typical conservative Soviet Union upbringing. Kids had to perform perfectly at school where everyone wore the same black/brown uniforms, be respectful and most importantly quiet; during the Soviet Era individuality was highly discouraged.

Jews were openly discriminated against (Evguenia being one of them). An overbearing constellation of rigidity, conformity, social conditioning and puritanism effected people in limiting, self-separating and numbing ways.

Growing up, Evguenia was a quiet and reflective child and spent years studying music and fine arts. While painting and drawing, Evguenia would spend hours in communion with nature. She loved experiencing the flow of energy in a meditative state, feeling free and one with the universe…

Around 2005 Evguenia realized that her life, seemingly accomplished and full of outer perfection, lacked in essence. On the outside she was living an American dream. Even though, Evguenia was successfully running her own business and has achieved financial independence something in her life felt off. She was happily married and benefited from health and good fortune. And yet, despite of this all, Evguenia realized how empty and unfulfilled she felt on the inside.

This realization marked the start of her quest for Personal Journey. Similarly, she began searching for answers about this world’s organization, personal/world tasks and her unique identity. Evguenia went through years of reading psychological books focusing on relationships, creative expression, spirituality and sexuality. Additionally, she utilized personal therapy and learned various meditative/spiritual practices such as Kundalini, Mindfulness, Kabbalah etc.

In 2011 Evguenia enrolled in the world’s premier institute of hands-on healing and personal transformation called Barbara Brennan School of Healing (4-year program). Evguenia cried, laughed, quietly reflected on herself and looked for answers… Years of Training and searching helped her peel off layer by layer all of the outdated, outer-imposed beliefs she had. In time, she realized what her needs were, how she longed to fully express her newly found self artistically, professionally, and relationally…

  • Evguenia is now living a more fulfilled life full of creative expression (dancing, writing, painting, and music)
  • She’s professionally more in alignment with her purpose of helping others see their own unique expressions through
  • Evguenia loves her family life and the newly found open lifestyle she and her husband embrace
  • She feels liberated and more authentically-aligned in her own unique expression in this world