Energy Therapy Sexual Education – Terms and Conditions

Thank you for taking an interest in embarking on a transformational journey through the use of Brennan Healing Science. It is my utmost heart’s desire to accompany and support you on the journey of self-empowerment, liberation and unique expression of your inner core essence.

Brennan Healing Science and Sex Education

The Brennan Healing Science I practice helps to clear and charge the human energy field, remove energetic blocks that may lead to disease and to enhance natural capabilities holistically: body, mind, heart and spirit. I may be doing healing energy work both with my hands on the body and also through the Human Energy Field which surrounds the body. This work is done with being fully clothed and lying on the healing table. I may also coach you as well as teach you a few techniques on various topics such as sex education, stress reduction, pain management, meditation, connection deepening etc.

I do not medically diagnose or prescribe treatment. If you have a physical injury or disease condition, I ask that you be in the care of licensed medical professional. I do not advise you to discontinue any medical treatment you may be receiving. Additionally, I am not a therapist and do not practice or offer therapy. If you believe you have a serious psychological disorder, please consult a licensed psychologist or psychotherapist. Finally, Sexual Education or Pleasure Guidance is a non-sexual service – all private session are information-based. In a workshop setting, some techniques may potentially be shown on a live model. No naked sexual contact (i.e. no exchange of bodily fluids, and /or touching breasts / or genital, oral or anal penetration) is allowed between the presenter and students during our workshops.

Self-care is an extremely important part of this work and if your responsibility during our work together. If at any time during the session you are uncomfortable, please inform me immediately. I also recommend that you refrain from using alcoholic beverages for 24 hours following our practice session.


Any information you share with me during our session is always kept confidential. I may, at times, discuss clients (without mentioning their names) with my professional supervisor for the purpose of my continuing professional development, and so that clients may receive the best assistance available.

Cancellation policy / Late arrivals

Personal Guidance Session appointment represents time reserved especially for you. Please give a 24 hour notice in changing your appointment, so that another patient may be treated at that time instead. A session can be rescheduled if a sufficient notice (over 24h) is given, in which case the session’s credit can stay on the account for up to 3 months from the day of the payment, no refunds are issued.

If you cancel less than 24 hours or forget to attend your session Evguenia asks that you still pay for the session in full. I ask for you to please plan to arrive on time for our session. Unfortunately, due to scheduling limitations, I am not able to extend the allotted time beyond the planned appointment. If you arrive late, you will be responsible for payment for the period of time you were scheduled for.

Group Workshops, Certification Programs and Courses are a great way to learn at your own pace and potentially connect with other open minded and hearted people. There are limited seats and in fairness to everyone, your spot is guaranteed once paid for. Because of this, all sales on Workshops, Certification Program classes and Courses are FINAL.

Non-Disclosure of Materials

Material given to you in the course of our work together is proprietary, copyrighted and developed specifically for us. You agrees that such proprietary material is solely for your own personal use. Any disclosure to a third party is strictly prohibited.

I am most happy to answer any questions regarding my studies/experience and I also encourage you to express any concerns you may have. In partnership for healing and with warm regards,