Energy Healing Testimonials

Read past client’s testimonials about their experiences with Energy Healing and Coaching Energy Sessions lead by Evguenia. Or learn more about Healing Services Evguenia provides as well as the Benefits one receives while enjoying the energy work.

New found realization of all the possibilities that are awaiting me in life

“Evguenia has a magical ability to make one feel at ease and comfortable right from the start. I easily opened up to her and experienced very powerful energy healing first from a Kundalini workshop and then from an energy healing personal session. The magnitude of a healing transformation is indescribable. After the Kundalini workshop I became better aligned with my true inner self. I felt free, like walking on a cloud, and at peace in emotional, mental and physical levels. The deep healing energy session brought in a very new and completely transformation wave into my life. Right now I not only feel empowered, grounded, and at peace but I have a new found realization of all the possibilities that are awaiting me in life, a new drive, a higher sense of well being, renewed trust in myself, a stronger connection to my spiritual side, and the energy field around me that I never dared to touch or acknowledge but that is clearly there and is very powerful.”

A. K., Accounting Manager

This stuff really works!

“I have experienced energy healing of different kinds, and I can say that my first session with Evguenia was one of the most powerful.

First, she took the time to discuss and understand the healing that I wanted before we began the session. Then, her professionalism and confidence allowed me to feel relaxed and completely at ease.

After the session I felt totally refreshed, like a heavy weight was lifted from me; and within the week I was able to finally let go of a recent heartbreak. I would highly recommend Evguenia to anyone; this stuff really works!”

Allan D., Project Manager


Professionalism and Sensitivity

“Evguenia’s professionalism and sensitivity to my issues were very impressive.

She is very knowledgeable and has a very broad view which gave me as a client security and trust in her abilities to help my situation.”

L. A.


Felt Energized, Balanced and Content

“I decided to try energy healing just to see how it works for me and whether it will help me to achieve more balanced and more self-reflective state.

Coming from certain background and having accumulated certain views and experiences, I sometimes find that my ‘baggage’ may have negative influence on my mental state and the relationships with people close to me and whom I care about.

First part of the session had to deal with my mental state and my needs that I still have to figure out clearly. In order to do that Evguenia suggested trying employing the technique of self-reflection that I feel is the right approach. I was suggested to try to look at myself from aside, as if another person, especially when I am experiencing certain strong emotions, such as anger, rage, or excitement.

Evguenia told me that it will not happen at once but gradually I will be able to do so. I will try my best as I think it is a very thoughtful suggestion.

Second part had to deal directly with energy healing. I have not done it before and my impression is very favorable. As I understand Evguenia balanced my energy and directed it to proper channels.

I did experience some very nice feelings overall over my middle body and at my head, which Evguenia identified as the point of connection with the external power energy source.

These feelings were new and exciting and Evguenia’s touch was nice and felt healing.

My overall impression is very positive as I found Evguenia very creative and resourceful – as she had to push through my ‘hidden opposition’ – as well as very caring.

Following the session I felt more energized and balanced. I think I was more content with myself and with the outside world. I really enjoyed the session and will recommend it to anybody – at least try it!”

B.R., Solutions Architect


I Had no Idea Energy Healing was so Real

“I am fortunate to have our paths cross… I had no idea energy healing was so “real”.

I have learned more about myself from the handful of sessions than I would have otherwise.

You are passionate and sincere with others… in this busy world I am grateful to you for slowing me down… helping me to focus a little upon myself… helping me to find deep within, areas that are important and/or need improvement.

It feels good when we grow as a person! Thanks for your healing touch!”

S. E., Financial Adviser


An Indescribable Feeling of Wellness

“I did not know what to expect from an energy healing session but after my very first experience with Evguenia I cannot wait for the next one.

It is an indescribable feeling of wellness – subtle but strong at the same time. It is beautiful. Everyone should try it.”

N. P., President, M&A Advisory


The Sky is Bluer and the Grass is Greener

“Thank you – the sky is bluer and the grass is greener after the healing session with you.”

N. F., Team Leader, Grocery Drug Company


Very Rewarding. I Feel Wonderful!

“I wanted to thank you again for today’s healing… it was very very rewarding. I feel wonderful!”

A. H., Bookkeeper


Improved my Life and Outlook

” I immediately felt at ease, Evguenia’s approach is very comforting and she went to great lengths to explain what I should expect during the session. It was clear she was confident and caring.

I have had the opportunity to have had an energy healing session in the past with mixed results. Therefore, I decided to see what Evguenia could do to get me back into alignment. I was not feeling myself and under a great deal of pressure at the time. My sense was that my body was protesting by the on going headaches and other body aches that I do not normally suffer from.

After only a few minutes on the table with my eyes closed the colour I saw went from dark to light and a yellow glow seem to appear. I could sense Evguenia moving around me but felt so relaxed and in tune after only a few minutes. I have been having trouble with knee pain and it seemed to subside. Before I knew it the session was over. An hour passed so beautifully and I opened my eyes and said its over so soon?

My over all impression was that it helped me. I felt stronger and more focused but lighter at the same time. I have returned a few times to work on my knee pain as this is something that will take time to heal.

Evguenia’s ability to create a comfortable and healing environment and her skills at healing have improved my life and outlook.”

S. B., President, Communications Company