Connection: Partner, Opening the Heart

Heart Chakra

Chest pain or tightness is something you may feel after a heart brake… Separation, letting go or people we love or unresolved arguments may lead to a heart center starting to close ff. Blocks may start developing depending on how you deal with the feelings of sadness and despair. Negative emotions eventually start affecting the slow vibrating fields and may start manifesting on the physical level as heart or related issues…

So how can we prevent the physical blocks from forming?

  • Processing of our emotions works
  • Meditations calm down our minds and balance out fields
  • Affirmations and setting an intention of forgiveness and letting go
  • Relational energy work
  • Chakra restructuring/balancing done by Energy healers
  • Talk therapy help understand the roots of issues and change belief systems

Today I’d like to offer a practice on opening the heart chakra.

TIP: Lay down or sit in a comfortable position, with your spine straight. Take three deep belly breaths in and out. Visualizing inhaling a beautiful healing energy through your nose and exhaling all of the old, unneeded energy through your mouth.

Breath normally and visualize your heart energy center breathing in a beautiful nurturing green energy and filing with it your full energy field on an exhale. See how the loving frequency is filling you up like a balloon. Mixing in a bit of pink for romantic love, visualize your loved ones.

Keep seeing all of the peaceful beautiful imagery of your loved once enveloped in pink and green sparkling energy. Feel your heart expand.

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