Connection: Partner – Intention

*I’ve had a blast leading two workshops over past two days – Sensual Tantric Play workshop turned out very well. We’ve explored chakras, energy fields and kundalini energy as well well learned about Tantric love making. The second workshop was a lovely, cozy Women’s circle I led at my home studio – we dropped into a sacred space of ceremonies, intention setting and explored spicy energy of our unique sexual expression. More workshops are coming very soon!*

Setting couple’s intention

In one of my earlier posts I have outlined a different dimension of human energy system called a level of intention. Direct access to this level allows faster manifestation of our fantasies, dreams and desires.

Intention manifestation is a hot subject of many books, workshops and hands on practices. One of the best techniques that I find works the most is the one I will outline below. As we’re talking about a couple manifesting their desires together, I will adjust the practice to include two.

TIP: stand with feet shoulder width apart, knees slightly best. Softly gaze in front of you and visualize a line of light connecting you to the earth and the sky. Feel your connection with the ground, grow your roots into the earth, visualize the line extending into the core of the earth. Extend the vertical beam of light towards the sky. Feel the power in the alignment. Look into your partner’s eyes as they align themselves with the level of intention. State the intention out loud.

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