Workshop: Connective & Bedroom Rope

Hi everyone, 

My love affair with rope started a few years back. “Connective state of oneness, bliss, surrender of control”, are some of the ways I could describe the way the rope feels to me. Will be sharing erotic stories on this topic very soon. So happy to introduce a workshop I’ll be hosting in my cozy studio space – wonderful facilitator, friendly group! Spaces are limited – please email [email protected] for details and to reserve your spot.

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Connective Tying and Bedroom Bondage

Rope can be a powerful tool for creating a connection with a partner, to communicate a feeling, or to create intimacy and sensation…

This hands-on workshop will explore options and principles for handling rope and tying in a way that establishes that connection and create a powerful experience for you and your partner.

Of course, sometimes, it’s all about getting your partner into the ‘right’ position for some kinky fun, so we will also be discussing some practical ties for use in the bedroom. Throughout it all, we will also be covering basics such as safety considerations, and the various types of rope available

Gregory has been exploring his relationship with BDSM and kink for almost two decades – gradually at first, but diving head first into the Toronto Kink Community when he discovered it in 2008. Since then, he has become increasingly active – as a Dungeon Monitor, Event Organizer, and Kink Educator.

Gregory has taught on a wide variety of subjects throughout Southern Ontario; including at events such as The Everything to Do With Sex Show, Sexapalooza, and N00b! (a semi-annual full-day education event for people new to the Kink community); and has been delivering weekly 101 workshops through Oasis Aqualounge since 2013.

❤️Additional Details:❤️

  • March 19th 11AM-1PM
  • Subway accessible North York Location (will supply the address upon registration)
  • No previous rope experience is required
  • Wear comfortable clothes you can move in
  • $40 pp, couples (partners or friends) encouraged, limited to 6 pairs
  • Prepayment required (please PM to reserve your spot)

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