Connective Rope – Erotica

Connective Rope

Alice was standing in front of a full length mirror, dressed in tight snake print leggings and dark sports top. A man behind her – young, topless, beautifully athletic, masculine with long black hair, beard and magnetic eyes was tying her with a rope.

She was watching his every move. How carefully The Rigger applied the rope, how he balanced it out on both sides, how patiently he explained the process. The geometric pattern that he created on her body was both visually appealing and physically stimulating. Tight. Safe. Yet she was waiting with anticipation for what was to come. She was focusing so strongly on the sensations that all of her attention went into the kinesthetic realm.

“Would you like to know what it would feel like to be suspended?” – asked The Rigger. Alice nodded. He placed both of his hands in different positions of the harness and raised her up. Easily. Just lifted her in the air so she could feel the weightless effect of this suspension…

“I will remove the rope in a connective way,” – he said. “Feel free to close your eyes…”

Alice’s back was facing his chest, he was right behind her, sitting on the floor. Removing the ropes in a connective way meant a slow and sensual dance of his masculine arms around her. Embracing her, removing one rope loop at a time in very slow sensual movements. He wasn’t just removing the ropes, no…

He was playing with the energy of this rope scene, slowly running it on top of her breasts, between her legs, brushing the rope against her throat.

Soon, Alice, started going into a deep state of trance. Nothing else mattered to her – just the movement of his hands, sensation of the rope against her body, the touch of his chest against her back. The sensual energy was palpable. Her eyes were closed and so were his. As in a slow moving beautifully created melody, exquisite partnered dance…

She was sensing the energy of this spectacle – slow, sensual, deep, gentle and yet strong. He was a true artist. The artist of deep authentic contact, master of attentive connection.

When all ropes were removed, Alice found herself leaning into his arms. Unwilling to move. Staying in this connective state of oneness. Inclusion. Bliss. Prolonging it as much as she could. Enjoying the energy and this gift of sensuality and depth. Surrendering into the tactile oneness. With a smile on her face.

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