Suspension Rope – Erotica

Suspension Rope

“Shhhh… Let the rope speak”, – he said. Alice has become quiet. Seeing his muscular body moving around her, hands creating a chest and hip harnesses. Watching herself in a full length mirror in a cozy rope salon. Just him and her – alone.

Alice focused on the sensation of the rope firmly hugging her chest underneath her perky breasts and just above; holding her arms together behind, fitting tightly around her lean body. As she went deeper and deeper into the sensations, teenage memories flashed in front of her eyes…

… She was playing pretend in front of an old closet mirror in an Eastern European apartment, imagining herself being tied up, unable to move and taken by someone. Feeling strangely free at the same time.

Sensation of the rope against her soft skin gave her firm support and a feeling of connection. Sense of grounding and belonging. Feeling of loneliness became less and less, the more rope he embraced her with. This felt like a salvation.

It also allowed for more freedom. What a contradiction!

You see, when you’re raised in a restrictive/conservative environment, the only way you are allowed more freedom is by the will of an outsider. The imaginary captor could make Alice do things she was not allowed to attempt by herself. He could let her experience sexual pleasure which was otherwise forbidden, or push her to be more open or promiscuous. His will was all that mattered. And that’s what Alice longed for in the moments like these. Complete and powerful surrender.

A sense of trust. Sense of holding. And at the same time – a sense of letting go.

The Rigger’s hands were dancing around her with a rope. Creating a firm and snug body painting… Dynamic and beautiful Art of Kazami.

Alice went into the deeper and deeper states of trance. The magic show was about to begin, he adjusted a few ropes and lifted her into the air. Beautifully suspended, watching herself twirl in the mirror Alice was now moving in a circle around the room. The mirror, the Rigger, the wall with masks, light shining behind the heavy curtains, the mirror, the Rigger – she closed her eyes.

He changed her body position through multiple transitions – upside down, sideways, on her back. Suspended in the air. Light-headed. Excited. Happy. Lost. Found. Soaring. What an incredible union of Art and Sensuality!

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