Couples Pool Story – Erotica

Couples Pool Story

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Deep blue warm starry summer night… Naked and partially dressed couples socialize by the pool. People chat, swim, laugh. Nearby condominium dwellers can witness this lazy evening at a local high end sex club from the height of their windows. Oh, what stories they could tell…

Your task is to keep my cock hard at all times,” suddenly his stern voice brings her back to the reality. “I will have access to your body whenever I want,” continues the Master. “Yes, Sir,” says Alice quietly without raising her eyes. She’s wearing black fishnet stockings and high platform shoes. Her naked round ass is facing the pool. No one is having sex. The energy is cool, quiet and serene.

Quite unlike between Tracey and her… Multiple times she pleasures him with her mouth, tongue and a hand as he directs. Multiple times he asks her to stop as he’s nearing an orgasm only to keep her wet and longing for more. He puts his hand on her clit and starts slapping it hard looking straight into her eyes. Tracey speaks dirty to her – in a slightly degrading, dominant and authoritative way.

You’re my fucking slut. You will do what I say. Your sexy body belongs to me, do you understand?” “Yes, Sir” murmurs Alice trying not to scream as she’s nearing another orgasm. The combination of his intense stare, dominant directive voice, being put on display in front of so many onlookers make her instantly hit the subspace. All that matters to her this very moment is to obey her Master and perfectly follow his orders.

“I want to hear you come,” he commands. Immediately, as though he possesses a key to her orgasmic lock, she screams and squirts onto the bench, all over his hand and the wooden floor. Alice’s world collapses and slows down. She’s in a white haze: lost in her own world of dreams, ecstasy and bliss she cannot move.

Social chatter stops. Tens of people turn their heads to look at a daring couple lost in their own passionate dream.

It takes her a while to come back to the reality of the warm summer breeze and the sound of water. A sexy couple approaches them and sits close by. They start chatting. As they talk, Alice looks at the beautiful young blonde girl, listening to her voice, noticing her perfect perky breasts, attractive tattoos, sexy body. “I wonder what kissing her breasts would feel like” Alice thinks to herself.

Alice, why don’t you kiss her,” she hears her Master’s voice. Women exchange smiles. The young sexy Blonde approaches Alice, they kiss – sensually caressing each others bodies. Alice licks and kisses her breasts. The Blonde girl straddles Alice and a beautiful passionate feminine sexual energy starts rising from them towards the rest of the couples around the pool.

Alice can see the woman’s partner and Tracey pleasuring themselves while intently watching them, other people start commenting and playing with each other. The fire burns more and the Blonde says “I’m having a really hard time containing myself”.

“I want you to fuck me,” says Alice looking into Tracey’s eyes. “We will follow your lead and have sex alongside,” say their newly found friends.

Whirlpool of emotions. Memories of kissing girls’ soft sensual lips, hearing Tracey’s dirty talk. Feeling his hard dick in her pussy, his strong hands on her breasts, moans of the couple beside them, Tracey’s aggressive growls. He is fucking her really hard, looking straight into her soul.

Alice starts cumming for what seems like an eternity. Hearing him say “Look at THAT fountain.” She’s in trance. Full of joy, bliss, energy.

Witnessing others catching the fire and starting to fuck, play… Everyone in sight is now having sex. Spreading the love, joy and passion into the summer air. Lighting up just like the stars in the deep blue warm summer sky.

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