Kid in a Candy Store

Healing with Energy

When I first tried meditation years ago, as others I watched to achieve a peace of mind and find a great way to deal with anxiety. I remember laying down on my bed, relaxing into the sheets and starting to follow my breath.

Noticing how cool air entered my nostrils, how my chest and stomach raised as a wave of feeling fullness and new energy entering my lungs and breathing out – letting go of all of the air, and with it expectations and worries.

Little by little I learned to let go of thoughts and concentrate on mindful space, beautiful trance state that one enters during meditation…

Suddenly a lot of beautiful, strong, shimmering white light appeared all around me and on my mind screen. The energy in the room has changed to a higher frequency, and I started feeling a very inclusive current that was hard to describe. I felt loved. Connected. One with everything around me. I felt whole, home and full of joy. Worry free.

Tears came to my eyes and it took me a while to come back to my usual senses – leaving the bright light and the feeling of unconditional love was hard.

Ever since then I realized that there was much more to meditation than just quieting the mind’s chatter. I started experimenting with it more and more. I felt just like a kid in a candy store ready to explore, play and get familiar with the new world of fun possibilities… To be continued

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