Meditation Guide

Have you always wanted to meditate but are not sure where to begin? The following information is going to be helpful to you. I will go over various benefits of meditating, types of meditations and will share a few personal experiences with you.


Most meditative techniques practiced today aim at achieving higher states of consciousness, disengaging from compulsive thinking, and experiencing states of calmness and relaxation. Research has shown that meditation is great at reducing stress and improving physical, mental and emotional well-beings. Since meditation also aims at achieving higher vibrational states – it aids us in our spiritual progression. Simply put, one cannot go wrong with meditation.

Great Start

Starting with only 10-15 minutes of meditative practice per day, you may be able to see the results as fast as two weeks in. Along with feeling the sense of calmness, centeredness and psychical relaxation you may also start becoming more tuned into higher frequencies and experiencing intricate flow of energy. This is where the magic, playfulness and creativity also manifest themselves into your life. Along with the health benefits, meditation could be your gateway to great bliss and development of psychic abilities.

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