Past Life Story

Past Life Regression Story

Sometimes, a life regression healing takes you on a ride to experience your previous reincarnations – you could be seeing a myriad of images that seem remotely familiar but have no connection to your current life. Sometimes, you may emotionally experience events without clearly seeing them. At times, you plunge into discovering your connection with your inner child (the wounded self that we all have).

This happened to a male client of mine who suddenly saw an upset child, sitting by the door into his parent’s bedroom. Feeling lost, scared and abandoned. The man was able to connect the visual of his wounded self to his early childhood experiences and how he often feels. He viscerally understood the pattern of becoming defensive when feeling excluded. Learned how to work with his emotions and ultimately help the inner child feel loved and grow.

Whatever the experience is, the stagnated energy consciousness is moved to the surface and become fluid. As if internal knots become untangled, energy stirred up and moved out of the field, balanced – resumed.

In place of old stagnated energy, a new healing frequency is channeled in, affecting the energetic make up of a person’s aura. This may affect the way a person behaves, understands themselves and acts towards others.

Past life healing techniques have a potential to change old engrained behavioural patterns we hold in our psyche and fields. Towards the personal growth and higher potential of our personality and soul.

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