Identifying the Wounded Child

Getting to know the Wounded Child

So continuing with our story on wounded children… If we all have them – how do we spot them. And once we identify the little ones – how do we heal?

Spotting internal wounds is easiest when you become well-trained in witnessing yourself from a side. Creating so to speak another persona or consciousness that can observe whatever is happening to you in a moment of despair, strong emotional reaction, anger or pain. Watching your reaction and comparing it to the actual stimulus is the easiest way to spot an acting wounded child.

If your reaction is quite grotesque in comparison to the stimulus, you’re not reacting to what is happening in the present moment, but also transferring your part hurt, anger and other emotions onto the current events. When in transference, our wounded children are most visible to us.

Notice how you feel next time you’re struggling with emotions. Try to sense into where in your body this reaction is coming from. Give it a voice. Try to see the source of pain.

You may be able to get in touch with a little wounded child reacting to a similar situation from years back. Maybe, you’d be able to spot a bratty teenager demanding a change. The transference is not coming from our adult self. This is the reason the reaction is so exaggerated.

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