His Orgasm Story

His Energetic orgasm

What does a male’s energetic orgasm may look like? Let’s take a look:

“Alice was stimulating his prostate… Pegging, then playing with his penis while touching this magical spot inside of him that gave Tracey so much pleasure.

As he started coming, it felt like a supernova explosion. Strong convulsive waves moved through Tracey’s body, as he was quite literally swimming in pleasure. Energy bursts, bright light – indefinitely expanding. Filling up the room – quite a sight to behold… Tracey looked magnificent and out of this world.

He’s never had such a strong orgasm before. Their bodies and souls were perfectly aligned, intertwined. “What? How is that even possible?” he kept gasping between the strong waves of uncontrollable movements before collapsing onto the bed. Happy. Fully Spent.”


P. S. This story combines energetic orgasm experience (waves) with the physical orgasm/ejaculation.

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