Energetic Blocks

Energetic Blocks

Health equals energy exchange. We have multiple energy centers ((tag #spiritsexlab_chakras) that take in and expel energy of different frequencies to keep our field healthy and vibrant.

Throughout our lifetime we tend to encounter difficult issues – emotionally, spiritually, intellectually. When that happens, the energy associated with that given frequency starts to become stagnated.

For example – if at a very early age a girl believes that masturbation is bad and feels guilty/ashamed about her genitals, she may start developing an energetic block around the second chakra. As time passes and she encounters more and more sex negative messages, the energy flow associated with her sexual power becomes weaker and energetic the block solidifies.

Because consciousness is primary and matter – secondary – our energetic blocks start slowly permeating into the physical level, therefore creating actual disease in our bodies.

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