Life Force 02

life force 2

Governments, religions are some of the external forces that try to oppose and control our sexual expression. What drives these internal and external walls? Fear.

Fear of the strength within. Wild Power. Passion. Freedom. Uncontrollable joy and acceptance…
This is where the separation comes in. Black and white. Good and Bad. Animal-like yet spiritual.

“She stares into his green eyes as he f&cks her like an animal. “I want to be closer to you” he growls as though as it’s humanly possible to get even closer than two deeply intertwined hot human bodies. She’s looking into his eyes and feels animal magnetism and a sense of merging. Overcome with a primal desire, she’s biting, licking, kissing him. The sounds he makes, the way he throws her around and enters her are incredibly animal-like and arousing.

Suddenly she’s sensing a totally different dimension. From the intense animal-like physical connection, she’s starting to fall into his eyes. Deep into his chest. Beyond the physicality of the moment. Their energy fields connecting as one. There’s a profound sense of union that can only be described as a soul connection.”


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