Life Force: 03

So what does it take to accept and authentically express your sexuality, to listen to the voice within that leads you into the depths of who you truly are without a fear or worries about the judgments of others? We will go over a few topics that will aid at addressing these topics in more detail. I’m here to support you in your quest to become the most beautifully whole and happy human being you can possibly be. Sexuality could be a great gateway and playground to achieve higher states of consciousness, personal growth and ultimately love.

No physical touch. However, the sensations are more vivid and real than ever. Colorful symphony of light, sound and pulsations. Beyond this world. Moving, shattering. No words exist here. Just emotions. Rich sensations. Love. Unity. Oneness. Bliss.

Her body raises more and more with each of the passes of his hands. She’s nearing an orgasm. Colors get increasingly lighter, air crisper, feelings divine.

She culminates in the strongest energetic orgasm ever – shooting energy out of her whole being, exploding with bursts of color, ecstasy, pleasure.”

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