Self Care: Perfection


Some great discussions we’ve head lately – on the topics of self care, self-love and image. “What happens”, someone has recently asked, “if I’m not happy with my reflection in the mirror? If what I see does not esthetically correspond to what I think beautiful is? Could it be that people who love themselves are just lucky enough to have the appearances they find attractive?”

It’s a very deep question… Question of what perfection is. Is it attainable? What is my own “real” idea of ‘beautiful’? Also, can I love myself/others if I’m not perfect?

Someone has suggested a parallel of loving our children – just the way they are. Imperfect, at times acting up, at times not as clean, organized, driven etc. Parents tend to love their kids no matter what. We see some of their possible flaws, we try to help them and gently encourage their growth and yet – we accept and love them for who they are. No matter what.

Guess what? We are our own children. In each of us, there are a couple of “wounded children” (please see some of my earlier posts on this) wanting to be loved, accepted and appreciated just for who they are. Right now.

This inner love for myself encourages me to make changes that I feel are needed to achieve the “best, real me” I can be. Propels me to learn, grow, eat healthy, exercise. With acceptance and love we create a strong foundation for our own inner children to be happy and succeed in life. We support them to search for their own unique path of embracing their authenticity and passions. Enjoy life to the fullest. Align with their essence. We then inspire others (friends, kids, partners, strangers) to do the same. And change the world one little step at a time towards acceptance and love. And the world needs it as much as our inner children do.

Please take the time to let yourself know how my your approve of and accept yourself right now. Do it daily and see your world change 😉

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