Self Love: P1

Image of a beautiful woman outdoors, self love
Part one of Erotic story: Journey towards Self Pleasure and Acceptance

This story is about Alice. Just Alice. Alone…

Spacious white shower, warm water gently hitting her body, oozing down her erect nipples, onto the tight stomach, hanging onto shortly trimmed sexy hair strip… Water drops falling down to the floor. Just like a warm rain – playing with her skin, touching and hugging Alice’s curves. Her right hand playing with her nipples, twisting, getting them hard and erect. Another hand sliding down to her clit – lightly stroking, teasing.

…This story started a long time ago in a different off-white typical Eastern European bathroom. Alice was 5 or 6 years old. Her mom had just finished bathing her; and Alice has started curiously exploring herself – she looked at her vulva, gazed upon a clitoris… She started befriending it with her hands – immersed in the wonder of the sight and sensation… “You don’t touch yourself there, dear”, said her mother in a stern tone of voice accompanied by a look that combined a sense of fear, shame, and disgust. “It’s not good to play with yourself.”

Forbidden… That’s how Alice has always thought of self-pleasuring ever since. Bad. This was not even a conscious thought – more of a feeling, a notion that she has never questioned. A rule…

{To be Continued next Tuesday}

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