Sexual and Emotional Healing

Sexual Healing

It was a three hours long couples’ session… We spoke, laughed, and spent time reminiscing about what freedom looked liked prior to having three little kids. Connection exercises brought amazing closeness, love and unity into the couple’s field. Their eyes lit up, bodies relaxed into an embrace, frequency switched into a higher vibrating energy of unconditional love. They looked incredibly happy and in love, just as they first were 11 years ago. Such an amazing sight…

The healing workshop has ended. Excited, the couple left to continue exploring the newly claimed energy of powerful transformation and playfulness at home. I stayed feeling into the beautiful field of love they left behind. My heart was full of gratitude for what they have accomplished. So lucky to have witnessed that beauty.

Off to a date with my partner… The idea was born out of the connective session. I will tell him how loved he is. Not just a few words, but a focused experiential, visceral ceremony. Depth. Vulnerability. Gratitude.

He really didn’t know what to expect. As I continued with the ceremony reflecting back to him how beautiful and loved he was, really paying forward the amazing energy of unconditional love the beautiful couple has created just an hour before, I noticed him fighting back his tears. I encouraged him to really receive all of my love, reflection and words and allow for any emotions to surface.

As I continued using other means to appreciate him totally, a sexual and emotional healing has occurred and a powerful healing has taken place. In the space of unconditional love, complete acceptance and gratitude – all of the fears, confidence issues he was struggling with and painful childhood memories have released as tears. Shaking, processing, really letting go of all of the past pain he was embodying love, healing and newly found positive frequency into his body and the field.

Unconditional love is very powerful. Try it. Tell your partner how much you love them. Create a ceremony or a healing around this. Watch the amazing transformation.

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