Ever Changing Health


I always try to stay real. As much as possible… Authentic – though this proves to be tough at times. So I want to share something personal I’ve been struggling with in the past few months: my evolving and changing health.

A few months ago I’ve received a diagnosis that I was not thrilled with. It has brought a few changes into my life along with fears of the future. I’ve also noticed how I started struggling with this mental idea of impossibility of being “a perfect healer” while having a less than perfect health. Idea of leading a healthy lifestyle, eating organic foods, consistently exercising and keeping myself in shape and yet – again failing to be that “perfect projected image” of a woman that does all of the right things and therefore is able to enjoy life to the fullest.

The truth is that my body is getting older. It is maturing and this process is bringing along a few side effects that come with age. This doesn’t mean I will stop rigorous workouts or will give up on myself. I will continue loving myself while trying to accept the reality of what I’m facing.

My intention is to align with all of the positive changes that take place in my life due to this new finding – amazing life changing books I’ve read, unique healing techniques I’ve learned, an even better self-care protocol I started following. An even deeper sense of compassion I now feel towards others who struggle with their health. Stronger appreciation for amazing sensations my body allows me to experience and everything it does for me that I used to take for granted.

And of course – when I feel sorry for myself – process (thank you for listening guys).

Change is the only constant in our lives. And I’m such a control freak lol So it’s a great way for me to learn to surrender and get more comfortable with the new “norm” until it’s not anymore.

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