I am safe

I am safe
Feel Safe

“I am safe” Louise Hay

Yes… At times is may not feel this way, but I know that you and I are always held. On a certain level we are always safe. On the level of consciousness, oneness and energy – there’s no beginning nor an end. We always ARE.

P. S. A powerful energetic exercise that always helps one get more balanced and feel safe is called Grounding. Here’s what the practice entails:

Stand with feet shoulder width apart, knees slightly bent. Softly gaze in front of you and visualize a line of light connecting you to the earth. Feel your connection with the ground, grow your roots into the earth, visualize the line extending into the core of the earth. Feel the power in the alignment and the heat/deeper earthy vibrations coming up your feet. State the intention to feel safe out loud.

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