Six Senses – Sensual Couple’s Journey

sex senses couples
Enjoy a Sensual Adventure for Couples – right in time for the Holidays!

Experience each other through Six Senses, rediscover your love and reignite the passion:

  • Memorable and Tantalizing multi sensory guided exploration (one partner giving, another receiving)
  • Balancing, relaxing and charging couples’ healing session
  • Exercises and guided experientials to tune into each others frequencies and be on the same wave length
  • Deepening into loving connection and setting the common intention
  • Ceremony of love, devotion and joy

See each other with the new eyes, experience the extraordinary!

To book your tickets for a private session please Follow This Link

Pricing options include:
Sensual Immersion (1.5h Session for $225)
Amazing Depth (2h Session for $300)
Deluxe Connection (3h Session for $425)

Group rates are also available – please inquire for details.

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