Q & A: Anal Sex Smell / Preparation

Anal Sex Preparation

Q: “Hi Evguenia, I have a question about anal sex… I had it recently. I noticed a smell… What to do to not have it?” V. V.

A: Hi V., thank you for your question. Here are a few tips you may find helpful on the subject: diet considerations, clean up suggestions and a few other tips while engaging into anal sex.


Generally speaking, eating solid foods with lots of fiber the day before or on the day you’re planning to have anal sex ensures regularity. Adding a good amount of water (8-10 glasses) throughout the day also aids to move things easier through the colon.

Clean Up

Here’s a great guide written and illustrated by Blindjaw on How to Clean Your Ass Before Anal Sex. There are a few suggestions on how to approach the process with lots of tips – I hope you find these useful.

More Tips

Once you’re ready to engage in a fun steamy play – please keep a few things at hand. Keeping wipes close by would help with any last minute surprises you may come in contact with. Black gloves or condoms are very helpful when it comes to maximizing hygiene, safety and minimizing the visual effects. And more importantly – sense of humor 😉 Enjoy and have fun!

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