Energy Play and Meditation Magic with Sensuality Exploration

Sexual Guidance - Energy Play
Energy Play and Meditation Magic with Sensuality Exploration

To me Energy and Sexuality are two intertwined phenomena. Please let me explain why.

The Sexuality is our life force – if we block, deny or don’t accept it within ourselves, we create lots of energetic blocks in our system that gradually permeate into the slower vibrating fields (For Human Energy System please see This Link) and show up on our physical level.

Sexuality has a potential to transform our inner selves, allow for more self acceptance, love, play and happiness in our lives. It’s a limitless source of pleasure, joy and could be a gateway into higher vibrations such as spirituality and amazing relationship depth.

And this is where Spirituality comes in. According to field’s theory we’re all comprised of vibrational fields of energy. We are basically energetic beings, dressed into physical shells. When this realization comes, it literally changes the overall perspective on life, self, relationship etc.

If I’m not just flesh, but soul – I have an important task here on Earth. If I’m not just my body, I can grow and explore so many wonderful experiences, teach others and ultimately grow as an energetic being.

Combining sexuality (life force) and spirituality (our birth right) is an amazing way to achieve stronger connections with others, have amazing out of body experiences, connect to long lost parts of ourselves and everyone else. The work we do on our micro level, directly corresponds to what is happening out in the world.

If I’m aligning with the highest expression of myself, if I try to not judge myself and fully accept my quirks and uniqueness – I’m paying it forward and raising vibrations for everyone else in the world:

  • By loving myself I’m building a stronger container to love others
  • By accepting my own weaknesses, I practice/model unconditional love
  • By not judging myself sexually I am allowing for sexual diversity to take place

How do I begin to tune into the energies of Sexuality and Spirituality? By Learning to Meditate, by exploring various resources (Such as This One), reading books on self growth. What is the best way to deepen into myself? By allowing a possibility of energy all around me to exist, by opening up to an opportunity to feel the energy all around me. To connect to others. By setting the intention to fulfill my life’s task.

Would you like to explore your sensuality and energy play? Please Reach Out – I’m happy to facilitate this experiential for you. After all, understanding who we truly are may be one of the most important realizations/experiences we may have in our lives… Contact me for a free 15-minute consultation. My heart’s biggest desire is to help others fully accept themselves and live happy and passion-filled lives.

Here’s what others have thought of their session with me:

“I feel so much more aligned with my energy and mind now. Thank you for the “magic”, Evguenia!” A. V.

“Everyone needs a safe place to open their hearts and minds and Evguenia provides a warm, loving environment full of exploration, understanding and constructive feedback.” C. P.

“Participated in Meditation and Energy Play workshop. Very interesting experience I had. Felt the human energy field for the very first time in my life! Evguenia is a very welcoming person and very knowledgeable and patient teacher. For sure will be back and highly recommend it to everybody else.” O. E.

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