Upcoming Workshop and Gratitude


Wanted to thank everyone for your outpouring words of support, love and care! I’m blessed to have so many kind people in my life! You rock!!

Times are a bit confusing, emotional and tough for me right now. Surgery went well, however, the cancer has turned out to be more aggressive than we thought. I’m waiting for more info and the next steps while scheduling “Cry Phone Dates” (short conversations during which I complain and other listen lol!) I feel very supported <3

In the meantime – I am going to try my best to focus on what matters most and be more intentional about my life: people I love, healing, and spirituality / sexuality combo! Please read next post on an upcoming workshop! Thank you again!

P. S. This is the card I drew two days in the row – it is very telling of how connected I currently feel all thanks to you!

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