The Switch – Erotica

The switch - bdsm erotica
The Switch – Erotica

He’s lovely, touching, open, honest, melancholic…

Bachelor apartment, three cats, large bed and bags of BDSM sex toys.

Suddenly Alice is feeling intimidated by the breadth of his knowledge… Wearing her sexy black and hot pink lingerie, stockings, long eyelashes… Looking so confident and yet feeling quite nervous… “What could I possibly offer to this person – he knows so much more than I do…?”

“We don’t have to do anything” – he says, “just talk”. “I really like you. You are enough.”

G. puts Alice at such an ease… It is so effortless to be herself with him. What a liberated sense of freedom – she could be her full self. All is welcome here. Even her dark side. There’s no judgment.

The Queen

Alice turns on the music, puts the leash on him (“I’m your Queen”), sits him in the chair with his chastity device on, handcuffed, unable to move. Ready to get painfully aroused.

She runs her hands through G’s beautiful thick hair, touches his sensitive nipples, licks, kisses, bites. He gets aroused. Painfully aroused. Alice starts dancing, removing her clothes, feeling the power of seduction and sexuality. Teasing. Talking to him.

He wants to touch her. Lick her. He cannot. Seeing Alice dance in provocative ways, watching her pleasure herself. Getting aroused. Pain and pleasure – coming together for G. Power and sexuality coming together for Alice – so exciting and intoxicating…

She releases his handcuffs. He takes off the device. Clearly in pain and discomfort. So much so that Alice starts questioning herself and the idea. The road from pain to arousal takes a while.

Alice covers his eyes, massages his back, runs her fingers on his chest, nipples, thighs. He gets aroused. His cock gets large and beautiful. Thick. So enticing. Calling her.

She starts licking him. Alice loves his big cock in her mouth. G. gets very vocal. She absolutely loves his reaction. How aroused he gets, his intense facial expression, how he wants to come counting the seconds; how she suddenly stops stimulating him and pauses to watch.

He’s so much fun to tease and play with. She loves driving him insane. Mad. Feeling a sense of Ownership. Domination. Control. She never knew that Sexual power could be so intoxicating.

And tiring?… Suddenly she feels like switching… She takes off his leash and asks him to man handle her.

The Switch

He grabs her hair and throws her down on his lap. “You’ve been a bad girl, Alice”, he says. “You didn’t let me come!”

He spanks Alice. Intermittently getting her aroused. The ex-queen gets so turned on by this power play. Alice loves being dominated by this man. The equality of inequality. Being raped by his fingers while holding his intense glance. She comes multiple times. Loud. Wet.

Old Fashioned Bathtub

G’ is so touching and caring… He gently washes Alice. It’s touching Alice very deeply. Gently on the surface. Deeply inside.

The Bed

In it together. There’s a deep sense of intimacy and vulnerability. Hugging him, spooning with him. Crying while he’s opening up about something so tender to him. Grateful for his honesty. Holding space for this pain he’s carrying. That all of us are carrying.

How can one day possibly hold so much? Power. Gentleness. Depth. Pain. Pleasure. Vulnerability. Dare I say Love…

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