Orgasm on Demand – Erotica

Orgasm on demand
Orgasm on Demand

Sex Club. Evening. Different types of rope, floggers, nipple clamps, vibrators and other toys from sensual heaven – all beautifully laid out on the old wooden table, eager to be used for play.

Hedon takes a very long piece of slick red rope and starts creating an intricate Hishi Karada pattern on Alice’s body. The rope master is experienced and gentle. With each knot that he ties, Alice feels more and more entranced into the web of anticipation. Excitement. Fear.

The exquisite red artwork is ready for showcase. “You like to be seen, don’t you”, says Hedon – “this frames you beautifully.” He ties her outstretched hands with a shorter piece of rope and puts a blind fold on. The stage is set.

Darkness swallows her. Alice becomes all ears… And all skin… Vigilant. Waiting. Anticipating his every move…

And the sensations come. Spanking, flogging, gentle and stronger stimulation, sharper and duller play, touch, tongue, words… Auditory and Kinesthetic. “Is this room full of people?”, thinks Alice. The thought of spectators watching her scene excites her even more. She’s feeling sexual and desirable. On the edge.

Hedon pauses. He slightly presses her clit, gently, casually, as though by mistake; and keeps the finger on it for a second, no movement – just light pressure. Alice comes with a strong, wet orgasm. “What was that?” – he says “I just slightly touched you…” “I came…”

He laughts. “Let’s try this” – he adjusts the ropes and places them pressing into her labia on either side of the clitoris, he suddenly pulls her head to the back with another hand placed on her throat. “Squeeze your muscles inside, Alice”. “Cum.” To Alice’s amusement, she squirts strongly, powerfully without any stimulation.

Hedon completely removes the rope, pulls on her hair and commands again “Cum”. She comes on demand, no physical touch required. Pure power play.

“You wanted others to see you come… you’ve put on quite a Powerful show…”

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