Healing Self Love Poem

healing self love

Did I mention I have incredibly talented clients!? The following poem was written by a beautiful healing client following a guided meditation and a hands-on healing we did together. During this healing she followed her inner guidance to shine light full of love and compassion towards some of the darker / lonelier parts of her consciousness. It felt incredibly expansive and looked beautiful. Please see for yourself:

“Even the murmur of green spring leaves in the forest can be heard even if you are nowhere near.

Only if you hear.

Even the wet salty air of the blue sea can be felt Even if you are no where near.

Only if you feel.

Even the brightest light of the universe can be seen pouring into the darkest spaces of your mind only if you dare to go there once every little while.

Only if you dare.

All the unseen can be seen All the unfelt undying love can be had.

Only if you dare.

All the bright yellow light of your heart can cataract itself like flying waterfalls in your mind Mixing with the dark and swirling circling with the brown into the shape of a golden sun,  a different kind of a sun  ‎ that sets your soul on fire That sets you free into the forever corners of the now.

And you open up your eyes to the beautiful white snow that’s falling in-between naked branches outside the wide windows and white walls.

And you smile for a while finding yourself in a fairy tale finding yourself in the most unexpected way in the most unexpected place at the most unexpected time And life is magical for once.

I didn’t know that there was so much beauty in falling in love with and loving yourself.”

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