Dauphine Magazine Interview – Sexy Tips and Tricks

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Dauphine Magazine Interview – Sexy Tips and Tricks

I’m so excited to let you know that an Interview with me just came out on Dauphine Magazine’s site at https://dauphine.ca/the-grail/spirit-sex-lab-we-are-all-ears?rq=spirit%20sex%20lab

Back in October, I was delighted to have been invited to host a sex talk at a Dauphine Magazine’s Slumber Party. We chatted about so many sexy things – our main senses, experiences with open relationships, turn ons and offs when it comes to play and a range of sexual techniques and play elements we could use to spice things up.

Now you can see some of amazing photos from the party and read my Tips and Tricks to Ignite Your Passion, differences between solo and partnered sexual exploration, communication and much more!

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