Covert Public Play – Reader’s Tips

Covert Public Play
Today’s Hot Tip is from Tom on Edging and Covert Public Play

Some folks are really turned on by covert public play. Below are Tom’s tips on how to keep the energy between partners spicy and possibly enjoy it in public places (discretion advised, please make sure you’re staying within the locally enforced laws and consider visiting places like sex clubs for more open atmosphere)

  • Prior to going out, build up pleasure and intensity by using the Edging technique (Please see my video on it here: – taking a partner to a high level of arousal but not letting them ejaculate/orgasm prior to leaving a few times
  • Edging could be done digitally, orally, vaginally/anally and timed for an added element of play (i. e only in increments of 20 seconds, 1 minute etc. thrusts then stop and repeat)
  • When out – a mini vibrator could be inserted into a guy’s pocket pressed against his frenulum to keep him excited yet trying to act composed
  • There are multiple internal/external remote controlled vibrators that could be used on women as well for additional covert public stimulation

I hope you can use some of these tips to spice up your play!  Would you like to share your own spicy tips? Please email me and I’ll be happy to quote you.

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