From the heart

only from the heart can you touch the sky

“Only from the heart can you touch the sky.” Rumi

Lately I’ve been thinking a lot on how we affect each other on a smaller scale (within families) or larger (societies). There’s a lot of unseen interactions happening in the spaces between us – we constantly affect each other with energetic exchanges. A lot of times unconsciously. I think the more conscious we become of this exchange, the better we would be able to function, find balance, peace, love… or as Rumi says “touch the sky”.

Just yesterday I was watching this scene at a supermarket… A man was standing at a check out, he seemed quite ticked off and angry. He was quietly cursing, his face looking upset, body language – tense. His energy field felt heavy, sharp with very uncomfortable vibrations. As his anger was rising, so was the impact of his vibrations on people around him. It was bubbling and rippling out.

The woman at the cash register was trying to resolve an issue from a previous transaction, but she could see his state of being and she herself started giving off a frequency of feeling scared, jittery, uneasy. I felt both of them very vividly to the point where it started affecting me too. Emotionally I started becoming tense, energetically I started sensing an anxious energy entering my field.

And then the healing response we’ve learned at school kicked in – I grounded, strengthened my field and opened the heart center. Smiled at the cashier. Joked with her a little. The energetic density released and pleasant heart-based frequency replaced the jittery, sharp anxious one.

I’m not always successful at modulating my field, but ever since I’ve became conscious of how it affects me and others I try my best to work through my energetic output.

Next time you’re interacting with others, feel into the frequency you’re giving off. Set the intention to modulate it to a more grounded, loving one or take a time out and compose your field if you need to. If you need any direction – please just ask 🙂

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