Spicy Fantasies – Reader’s Tips

Spicy Fantasies

Some of us have spicy fantasies that we’re unaware of, or Fantasies that we’re afraid to share with our partners for the fear of being misunderstood or rejected. Below are my wonderful blog reader’s Mora’s tips on how to liven up the energy between partners while playing out their newly found fantasies and enjoying open communication and enhanced sexual energy between them.

“Things were getting petty routine and slowing down before I found your videos and posts” wrote Mora. “I was shy at first, but then I shared these with him and he got excited as well. We’ve started  talking about it and decided to be free of worries and share tings we find interesting and sexy. This definitely lit up the sparks again!”

Here are a few tips from Mora on how she and her partner incorporate their fantasies into the play sessions:

  • We have this game where every time we play, we alternate sharing a fantasy or an erotic story and then try to play it out. This has worked very well for both of us!
  • For example, something that turns us on but we were shy to discuss or reading erotic stories on sites like literotica when each of us would pick a story that’s a turn on and then share it and we try to play out the plot together then we alternate
  • It helped us discover things about each other we never knew: I found out he gets turned on by jealousy sometimes, and that he enjoyed some “finger play” before orgasm (it literally drives him insane!) and I learned that i like risky sex, maybe a bit of public play if it’s reasonable safe we never would have admitted that

I hope you can use some of these tips to spice up your play!  If you’d like to learn more on how to uncover your fantasies and incorporate them into your play, please Read this post. Would you like to share your own spicy tips? Please email me and I’ll be happy to quote you.

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