Topping from the Bottom – Erotica

topping from the bottom

Chained, blindfolded and handcuffed. A dark-haired, chocolate skinned, handsome, dominant man – trying on a submissive role in order to please her.

Alice – wearing black fishnet tights, purple high hills and a sexy tight black lingerie – is feeling happy that he has allowed for this experiment to take place.

Now that his eyes are closed, she has gathered a few toys to play with him. Ice – a cold surprise for his sensitive nipples, tight abs, erect cock and the rest of his sexy body… A flogger – for sound effects and light impact play. Magic wand – for stronger and… even stronger stimulation… Her playful hands. A lustful mouth… Her slick body sliding against his. Lips – kissing. Tongue – licking … You get the picture!

“Your orgasms belong to me”, – she said. “You need to ask for my permission before you’re allowed to come!” The Man laughed. “I have a lot of control over my orgasms”, – he said. I doubt you’ll make me beg.”

Alice started playing with him, using the flogger, then ice. The Man was silent and seemed to plainly not care. He showed no sign of discomfort or sensitivity. “Are you not feeling it?” – she asked. “I just choose not to react! I could be such a brat at times!” he laughed.

“What a coincidence”, thought Alice, “I’m also pretty strong-willed…”

Working diligently at arousing him, his dark thick cock getting larger and stronger than ever before. Playing with him, teasing, licking, touching for a long while… So enticing. Calling her attention.

“A Top needs to stay strong”, – she said to herself overcoming the urge to fuck him right there. Wondering who is going to give in first.

“Why don’t I use you a little”,- she said moving closer to his face. His lips on her pussy – lightly touching her, tongue sensations getting stronger, lips sucking her clit. She’s nearing her orgasm, strongly cumming…

Yet still thinking, “I am on a mission here… Mission impossible”. Continuing to play with him, he’s so aroused. Huge. Moaning. Yet no sign of submission. Just pure enjoyment. Fuck. This sex slave is TOO willful. Such a brat.

Excitement. Frustration. Pleasure. What a mix!

The Man says: “Look at me: all chained and at your complete disposal. Do you like your sex slave?”And all of a sudden – all hell breaks loose. Alice comes without any stimulation, squirting all over the floor. “Please just fuck and cum!!” she’s begging him. “Just come!”

He laughs, throws her on the bed, fucks her while simultaneously using the magic wand on her clit. Her head is spinning, she screams from pleasure; while he also comes in a strong powerful orgasm.

And this, my friends, I believe is called “topping from the bottom”…

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