Energy Orgasm – Erotica

energy orgasm
Energy Orgasm – Erotica

Overwhelmed, elated, emotional… Is it really true? Could a strong connection like this exist? Such an amazing alignment… Energetically, sexually, emotionally and mentally. She finally manifested Him… so it must be true.

Alice was stimulating his prostate… Pegging, then playing with his cock while touching this magical spot inside of him that gave Tracey so much pleasure.

As he started coming, it felt like a supernova explosion. Strong convulsive waves moved through Tracey’s body, as he was quite literally swimming in pleasure. Energy bursts, bright light – indefinitely expanding. Filling up the room – quite a sight to behold… Tracey looked magnificent and out of this world.

He’s never had such a strong orgasm before. Their bodies and souls were perfectly aligned, intertwined. “What? How is that even possible?” he kept gasping between the strong waves of uncontrollable movements before collapsing onto the bed. Happy. Fully Spent.

Two years of an open marriage. Polyamory. She kept waiting for Him. “There must be someone out there for me who’d love me regardless of my status. Someone I’d have amazing playful chemistry with as well as an intellectual alignment. Someone who’d let me in emotionally and spiritually.”

Of course she’s had fun along the way. Great experiences and stories filled the pages of her memory book. Highs, lows, happiness, heart breaks and lessons… She has met many wonderful people on her journey to openness and yet – the search has continued. For the One.

He started kissing her. His eyes filled her whole being. Intense, Loving. His lips and tongue were playful, sultry and daring. His touch – became her whole world. She squirted all over the bed and in a projectile fountain over her head as he licked her pussy… as he fucked her. The synergy was incredible. She closed her eyes.

All of a sudden, her body started moving of its own accord. It scared her. A sexual wave, a strong involuntary movement ran through her body. Another. And the Next.

“What is happening to me?” she asked him. He smiled. She could clearly see that he was not touching her. Tracey was intently looking at her pussy and moving his hands a few inches above it without physically stimulating her. As he later told her, he was playing with her energy field, pleasuring her with the power of his focused intention. But at the moment, she was completely puzzled as to what was taking place…

Her body kept on convulsing and feeling intense waves of beautiful energy explosions rising from her Root chakra right around her pussy, moving up through her Heart into her Crown on top of her head. She was nervous, but chose to surrender to this beautiful spectacle.

Suddenly, the body movements increased and Alice squirted. Once. Twice. Three times.

She felt her energy centers bursting with fire. He saw amazing saturated colors of her chakras. In total disbelief she opened her eyes.

She just experienced her very first energetic orgasm.

Speechless, Alice kept asking him “Has that just happened? Really happened?

Powerful, loving connection. Incredibly strong alignment. Alice was savoring these moments, soaking them in, feeling so high. High on Him.

Who knows what other experiences life would throw at them. One thing She now knew for sure – her search was over.

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