His Darkness – Erotica

His Darkness – Erotica (18+)

It was the time for Him to show Alice his dominant side… Really overdue. She has been patiently waiting to experience this side of him for weeks.

“You want me to dominate you?” – he said. “I am quite a sadist…” As he said this his facial expression has changed. His dark hazel eyes became even darker, a smile turned somewhat devilish. His energy has also changed… From sensual, gentle and soft it switched into deeper, sharper and colder waves.

Alice started feeling chills running up her spine.

He took a rope and started quickly and abruptly tying it around her. Harshly pulling, roughly pushing, manhandling her. It seemed to Alice that the rope spoke for him.

It told her the story of how unkind this world could be, how harsh. How violence and war had been part of his life as were loss and despair. How one had to fight. Fight to survive. The darkness existed in all of us. And it was the time for her to experience his.

Tied up – hands behind her back, left leg bent. Open and at his mercy. And he sure didn’t seem merciful at all. Throwing her onto the bed.

“I could work at KGB, you know” – he said putting elastic bands over the soles of her feet “They liked feet torture”. A snap followed by a sharp pain. His face – oblivious to any type of emotions she exhibited. Single tail breaking the air. Hitting her nipples. More stinging pain.

Unable to move. Feeling a strong sense of thirst. “Could I have some water?” she asked. “Please Sir, could I have some water”, – corrected The Man. “I will not use those words”. “As you wish”, – he made no attempt to give her the bottle. “He was not kidding about KGB”, – she thought.

His dark chocolate muscular hands were throwing her whichever way he deemed fit… Other devices of torture came into play; and the God of them all – the Magic wand tied right by her clitoris.


Mind blowing forced orgasms. She screamed on top of her lungs. He covered her mouth. She could hardly breathe, definitely not scream. So thirsty… The stimulation was so strong, that she kept on continuously squirting without a stop for what seemed like an eternity.

For a while Alice went into her own world. The world of Trans. Lightness. Ecstasy. Everything mixed: pain, pleasure, his beautiful cold face. His dark features. The tightness of the rope on her body. His rough touch. Quiet yet dictatorial voice. Firm hand on her throat…

… Later, she found herself in the corridor. Standing in front of a full length mirror. His chocolate hands on her heart-shaped white butt – slapping it, leaving red hand marks. She was so excited – at the point of fainting, watching their fit naked bodies in the mirror. His thick cock fucking her hard, fast.

Suddenly, the pounding stopped. Alice started continuously squirting all over the floor, unable to stop the stream of cum strongly hitting the laminate. Finally collapsing,  exhausted, leaning against the door. Followed by his victorious laugh.

If there was one thing she now knew… There WAS a light at the end of the tunnel… Strong, beautiful light.

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