Yoni Massage – Erotica

Yoni massage

Alice’s husband prepared a lovely surprise for her that evening… A Yoni Massage… Yoni is a Sanskrit word for vagina or a “Sacred Temple”.

Laying on the bed with her thighs apart Alice was relaxing into the sheets. Feeling grateful and loved.

“How often do we take the time to focus on our lovers”, – she thought to herself. In this day and age of seeming abundance and variety… How often do we give the gift of our attention, the biggest gift we can give – the gift of our time.

A secret to a 20 years long fulfilling marriage rested on the intersection of deep communication, flexibility and willingness to see each other anew each day they spent together. Taking the time to learn. Discover. Concentrate. Dive in… and at times – let go, in order to come back together again in an even stronger pull.

Appreciating the quiet moments, allowing for loud ones, resting into deeper notes of connection, staying with higher pitched experiences. All coming together as a symphony of life…

The Husband lightly touched her body, caressed her thighs, breasts, labia. It was a gift of patience, gift of slow and sensual pleasure, gift of love. Focusing on the moment, staying in the now and not rushing towards a result.

Enjoying the slow buildup of energy. His fingers playing with her pussy, lightly {pianissimo} stroking her clitoris. Letting go and coming back again. Teasing, playing, surrounding yoni with love and attention {piano}.

Slowly Alice started feeling the sexual buildup of tension and the energy of lust {crescendo}. Radiating from her pussy outward in beautiful waves of light and vibration.

Light hand touches became stronger tongue caresses. Licking, sucking. Her clitoris getting harder, lips parting, pussy getting wet {forte}. His fingers progressing to her G-spot – stronger deeper throbbing sensations…

After a long while finally culminating in {fortissimo} a series of squirting orgasms. Taking in the pleasure and all of the wetness that he rubbed into her skin. Covered in cum. Happy as a clam. Fulfilled.

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