Creative use of Jealousy – Reader’s Tips

Creative Use of Jealous

Jealousy affects many of us – while most of us experience it as a mild discomfort, others may be affected by strong surges of anger, fear, loss of control… Jealousy could even result in a crime of passion in some extreme situations… Wouldn’t it be awesome if we could turn jealousy around and make it into a potentially positive, even exciting experience?

One of my reader’s did just that with playfulness and creativity. She played on her partner’s inclination towards a cuckold fantasy scenario (in which a partner enjoys watching their wife/lover have sex with someone else, typically more “manly and muscular” person). Here’s what she did:

“My b/f is jealous but a bit turned on by my sexual past. I tell him about some of my sexual past while we make out but keep assuring him that I love him and that he is all what matters, but at the same time make him gently face those jealousy inducing facts while he’s turned on or while we have sex…It takes a bit but after a while he associates jealousy with pleasure. Then when he reaches the phase where he asks about my sexual experiences I know he’s turned on, I keep him wanting for a bit, tease him, but not letting him get his release…

I’ll keep the tension a bit during the day with some sexy texts ?… Then when we’re having sex, about half way through, I’d tease him again about my past, asking the magical question “So you’ve been asking about my ex, do you really wanna know how he FUCKED me?”

Now that question is a double edge sword! He has to be in the mood, already inside me and almost ready. I then just keep riding him and kissing him, whispering sexy details in his ear and ask him if he wanna know more, ask him if it turns him on, the only acceptable answer is YES! Then I give him what he “wants” and let him orgasm, usually inside me. The key here is assuring him, cuddling, tell him how much I love him and how this desire doesn’t make him any less of a man to me, plus I enjoy the passionate sex, I also shared some links from your blog and explained to him how it’s just chemistry and jealousy just makes his blood flow and heart rate increases and with some chemicals in the blood it just feels like a turn on, it’s perfectly normal…

After he calms down a bit I turn him on again and we make out then have some passionate sex where I don’t mention anything about the sexual past and just let him have me…”

And here you have it – creative, consensual way of turning jealousy into a major turn on. I hope you can use some of these tips to spice up your play!  Would you like to share your own spicy tips? Please email me and I’ll be happy to quote you.

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