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Hi there Spirited Sexy thing!

As some of you may know, I have been writing spicy, moving, wild, touching, spiritual, philosophical, filthy, playful, dirty and anything in between erotic stories for quite a few years now… Shall I say, I became very inspired to record all of the crazy experiences (I like to vaguely call them my alter ego Alice’s fantasies) I’ve been having ever since I’ve started exploring the Polyamorious, Kinky, Tantric lifestyle… You know the stories you want to savoir when you’re wrinkly and old… Sitting in front of a fireplace, knitting a sock, sharing with your grandkids over the hot coca kind of stories lol Ok, omit the grandkids part, there are 18+ for sure.

Alice in Polyland (my alter ego’s vivacious, spicy, sexy, dominant and highly excitable persona) loves to play and experiment with the Energy of seduction, tease, domination, role reversal and at times submission. She’s open, daring, wild, mindful and intelligent. She’s also quite sensitive, feels things deeply and may at times get pretty controlling and wicked 😉 …

I’m thinking it’s time to introduce Alice in a more concrete form, don’t you think? A book! Or a series of books with spicy, deep, juicy stories. Fantasies. AMAZING photography – I’ve been very fortunate to have worked with some of most talented professionals at capturing Sensual Erotic and Nude arts!

Hold on, there’s more – each story will be accompanied by step by step instructions on how to fulfill the fantasies if they speak to you. Practical tips, suggestions by yours truly that I successfully use in my private Energy Therapy Practice with Sexual Guidance clients, during workshops and remote sessions. The practical advice and resources or toy/place/store suggestions that will be super helpful in helping you achieve more pleasure, excitement, self confidence and connection in your life.

Here’s my deliciously spiritual and sexy offer:

  • A beautifully printed book featuring amazing photography (of my Alter Ego Alice and her partner(s))
  • Seven wickedly exciting stories
  • Practical advice outlining how to achieve all seven
  • Personalized inscriptions with your name in them.

To enroll, please read the following:

  • I’m looking to select the first 7 stories that will go into the first Alice In Polyand Adventure book and I need your help!
  • Please like the post, comment “I’m in” to enroll and tag 1 friend who may also be interested
  • I’ll need you to read through all of my Erotically charged pages (mmm you may need a free evening for this and a glass of wine…), look at beautiful uncensored photos too! Please message for the URL.
  • Select your 7 top picks of stories that touched you the most – body, mind, heart and spirit.
  • Email your list with a short explanation why you liked the stories to [email protected] by October 8th

Will announce a winner in a few weeks! Thank you + Enjoy! xoxo


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