Erotic Book – Contest Prize Winner

winner announced erotic book

Thank you so much to everyone who has participated in the Erotic Book contest! I really appreciate the time you took to read through my sensually charged blog and send me your feedback on most touching stories. You’re the best!

Very happy to announce a winner to our Erotic Book contest! The name has been generated by a random number generator online and it is… Drum roll… The book goes to Irma (will contact you separately to organize the book delivery) As a small token of my appreciation, I will send an electronic version of the finalized book to everyone who’s participated in the contest!

The winner will receive:

  • A beautifully printed book featuring amazing photography (of my Alter Ego Alice and her partner(s))
  • Seven wickedly exciting stories
  • Practical advice outlining how to achieve all seven
  • Personalized inscriptions with your name in them.

A bit more info about the upcoming book:
As some of you may know, I have been writing spicy, moving, wild, touching, spiritual, philosophical, filthy, playful, dirty and anything in between erotic stories for quite a few years now… Alice in Polyland (my alter ego’s vivacious, spicy, sexy, dominant and highly excitable persona) loves to play and experiment with the Energy of seduction, tease, domination, role reversal and at times submission. She’s open, daring, wild, mindful and intelligent. She’s also quite sensitive, feels things deeply and may at times get pretty controlling and wicked ? …

Each story will be accompanied by step by step instructions on how to fulfill the fantasies if they speak to you. Practical tips, suggestions by yours truly that I successfully use in my private Energy Therapy Practice with Sexual Guidance clients, during workshops and remote sessions. Stay tuned xoxo

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