Special Guest: Take selfies professionally

Guest Post - Taking Selfies Professionally

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The first  post from a talented photographer @juliaskyba with 8 amazing practical tips on how to take selfies professionally!

In the mood for romance, you look at yourself in the mirror, happy with the way you look and reach for your cell. You set a selfie mode on, position yourself in the frame, smile and press a camera button… You look at the shot and… it looks nothing like what you’d hopes it would… The body angle is slightly off, your sexy lips look silly, and the skin has slight bluish undertones.

Please don’t get frustrated, the following 8 tips will help you shed some light (pun intended) on how to take amazing selfies:

  1. Beauty Filter.
    We all know that there’s no perfection in real world and our little imperfections are what make us so lovable and unique! Still want to try making the overall finish of the photo look flawless and resembling the glossy glamour magazines? Maybe not everyone knows that these days many phone cameras have filters that could be instantly applied and make your skin look flawless and smooth.
  2. Look at the bright side.
    Our bodies are not symmetrical, we all have better angles that work best in shots. Observe which ones look better, so when the time comes to take a group shot or a selfie you already know how to position yourself.
  3. Lighting.
    Look for good light. If you are in front of the window turn your face toward it. Candle light creates nice warm tones.
  4. Clear lens.
    If you get blurry pictures it is time to clear the lens on your phone. Do it often to make sure your camera is always ready to capture your essence.
  5. Get into camera’s brain.
    Remember that everything closer to the camera appears bigger therefore if you take a selfie holding your camera low\n facing up, your breasts will be enormous and the face small
  6. No eye contact.
    It always looks better not to have an eye contact with your camera when taking a selfie. You can position yourself in the preview, and close your eyes or look down before pushing the button.
  7. It always sexier when you slightly keep your lips open, but try to be relaxed. What always looks interesting when you don’t show everything in the same shot and try to build a mystery, show only lips and and your chest or cover your eyes with resting arm on your head laying down.
  8. Look up.
    Instead of keeping your phone right in front of you, light it up and tilt your head back, this will help visually outline the line of your chin and also get more light into camera.

It is always easy to snap a picture of yourself in the mirror, but trying other create approaches could be so much fun! Enjoy.

Written by Julia Skyba, photographer/videographer.


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