Feel so thankful – Women’s Circle

women's circle

Women’s Circle

“I’m so overwhelmed! Feel so thankful to myself and to you and all the girls who came today! O. A. Monthly Women’s Circle

What happens in a women’s circle… stays in the circle lol

Ok, ok, I’ll tell you a bit of what to expect… Lots of laughs, tonne of heart-felt sharing, zero judgement. Ability to connect and discuss anything you feel like. November 11th (my favorite number combination 11:11) has Orgasming Pleasure in store. Learn tips, tricks and hear others’ experiences on pleasure, enhancing clitoral orgasms, reaching G-spot ones, learning more about female anatomy (did you know that clitorises are pretty much like penises, similar in size too in proportion to overall person’s height). Practice breathing orgasms and learn a little about the profound depth and experiences when it comes to Energy Orgasms. 4 Spots left. DM to Join

Women’s Sexual Healing Circle – 11/11/2018


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