Female Models Needed

energy orgasm models

Magical opportunity 😉

You know how I’ve been teaching Energy Orgasms (profound, touch free spiritually pleasure-filled experiences that allow for multiple orgasms for any gender)? I’ve been so lucky to have filmed a few of them with my wonderful clients, all of which were men. To watch, please see them here: www.spiritsexlab.com/videos

I’d love to be able to show what a female Energy Orgasm looks like and I need your help!

Do you know any Soulful, Sensual, Beautifully open women who’d like to learn this amazing phenomenon, experience it and inspire others? I’m happy to offer a complimentary session to the model willing to be featured in my marketing materials (Website, YouTube etc.) to inspire other live pleasure-filled authentic lives. Please DM to apply.

Mmmm… Exciting…



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