The Glamorous You: How to learn to embody your inner Glam Girl

the glamorous you

The Glamorous You: How to learn to embody your inner Glam Girl

Remember how we used to play dress up as kids? Putting on fancy dresses, doing our hair and make up? Why did we stop playing? We all have multiple personas inside of us waiting to come out – a seductress, a dominant tease, a submissive explorer, inner Goddess, gentle little girl. Adding a bit of make up, styling your hair differently and selecting unusual set of clothes gives us a permission to try new things, be daring explorative and passionate.

Which of your inner characters do you want to embody today? Which one will you let out to play?

Putting on the make up and dressing may change the way we feel inside – as though as we’re trying on a different character, life and experiences. Accentuating the traits, allowing our inner Alter Ego out to play.

  • Sensual Smoky eyes, dark eye liner, full of mystique eye lash extensions, red sensual lipstick. Sensual leather or lacy black lingerie – and Inner seductress appears smiling at us from the mirror
  • Sexy cat eye, glossy nude lips, flushed cheeks, simple yet sexy dress and a slight wink – shy submissive girl ready for any of her master’s orders
  • Light eye shimmer, beautiful sensually full hair, golden tones, bronzed skin, juicy lips. Feminine dress – a goddess, waiting to be workshopped, loved and services.

Embody your Alter Ego, let her express herself through you. Her femininity, strength weakness or submission. Her charm, wickedness, beauty and the vulnerability. Create experiences with others from this place of playful exploration, allowing yourself to overcome any barriers you may have inside. Follow your dreams, face your fears and fully enjoy all this life has to offer. You’re beautiful – inside and out.

Gorgeous photo by amazingly talented photographer Vinny Kim @vkimphoto + [email protected]

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