1000 Followers – thank you!


THANK YOU SO MUCH for following along! We hit 1000 followers on IG and FB (@Spiritsexlab) and I’m very happy to see you here!

Without you, there would be no blog. No sharing space to openly discuss Sexuality, Spirituality, Personal Growth and Pleasure. ❤️
Let me introduce myself. I always offer to play a little game when I meet more of you! I’ll give you 3 truths and 1 lie about me. Please guess which one is the latter (1-4). Comment to introduce yourself – would love to know who you are and where you’re from!


  1. HI! I’m Evguenia. I’m a certified Energy Healer and a Passionate Sex Educator. I blog daily at www.spiritsexlab.com/blog as well as IG, FB, Twitter, Youtube (@Spiritsexlab) about all things related to Pleasure, Relationships, Self Love and Energy Orgasms.
  2. I’m also a professionally trained artist with soulfully wild paintings created based on my meditative experiences and spiritual insights
  3. Interesting fact: I love shopping and can spend hours at a mall selecting unique clothes for myself and others I love
  4. My life long vision is for millions of people around the world to have a simultaneous Energy Orgasm 🙂 So they can feel their timeless pleasure-filled essence!

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