Erotic Flair

well written

“Well-written, succinct with a deep feeling of care and erotic flair. The text is accompanied by fine images by various talented photographers. Polished and accessible, Alice in PolyLand is a gem of a book.” Alex Dark, Toronto Fetish events producer, Black & Blue

Thank you so much, Alex! The imagery is marvelous! Wonderful photographers have contributed to this project!! Want to see? Here are a few previews!


Gorgeous photos by Photobian, The Sensual Eye and ModernX.

Get your copy of “Alice in PolyLand” now and help me bring this project to an even higher level: Whether you are single, in a monogamous or an open relationship – this inspirational guide will help you break down the barriers inside and rediscover amazing passion, breathtaking sex and ultimate joy of embracing your full self.

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