Alice in PolyLand – one week left!

Alice in PolyLand

One week left! We’re at 122%!! Thank you, you guys have been awesome! Can we raise for another eLearning course ($340 more) so I can reach even more people with this soulfully sexy initiative?

From the beginning, my ambition for Alice in Polyland was to  capture spicy erotic stories that entice imagination and unleash  passion. I also wanted to give the readers the tools they need to deepen  connection with themselves, their partners and spice up their  relationships. In this book beautifully printed I’m sharing tips on how to increase  passion, create powerful playful scenes and explore fantasies that help you to connect to your very core. The practical tips I’m sharing are  the result of my ten-year-long practice focused on Personal Transformation and Sexual Guidance Practice.

The book includes: 

  •  Short stories that range from powerful primal  connections, intellectually stimulating spicy fantasies, and emotional  roller-coasters of love / break-ups to highly spiritual and deep  explorations of soulful sex
  •  Candid experience sharing of some of the more  challenging experiences of non-consensual Domination and Submission,  polyamorous lifestyle perks and downsides as well as an exclusive look  into what happens at sex clubs and kink parties.
  •  Practical Step by Step Tips on how to achieve  the most tantalizing fantasies of group sex, unicorn experiences,  domination/submission scenes and tantric love-making sessions including  Energy Orgasms in a fun, safe and loving ways
  •  Amazing photography of Alice in action with some of her play partners taken by some of the greatest photographers in the scene
  •  Philosophical discussion intro focused on sexuality, self-expression, societal judgments and the importance of embracing your authentic voice
  • Soulful, mindful, retrospective look into the nature of sexual energy, BDSM, Tantra and life



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