Mega Energy Boost – Emotional Balance, Stress/Anxiety

Mega Energy Boost Emotions

Emotional Balance, Stress/Anxiety

We’re continuing with our topic of achieving a Mega Energy Boost (or how to live our best lives, vibrating at high, powerful and positive frequencies) that we’ve started covering before the Alice in PolyLand campaign (#spiritsexlab_energyboost) and today I’d like to focus on the topic of EMOTIONAL BALANCE, STRESS & ANXIETY! Each coming Tuesday, stay tuned for lots of useful info and practical tips, please comment, share and follow along! To see previous posts, please go to

I notice that I tend to be at times affected by strong emotional waves that take me off balance. Can you guys relate? We all have our triggers and patterns when it comes to handling life’s obstacles, relationships and certain situations.

Majority of patterns, blockages and wounds come from our childhood. We all had specific experiences in life that have wounded us and have become an ingrained pattern in our psyche. An example could be feeling abandoned or unsupported as a child, internalizing the wound as “There must be something wrong with me” and reacting very strongly to any similar instance of ‘abandonment situation’ with incredibly strong emotions of pain, anger, self hate or fear. How do we know that we’re feeling our old wounds? They feel incredibly intense, painful and unbearably strong. We react to them as though we were that same age again when the ‘trauma’ has first occurred.

Energetically, internalized emotions live in our field and manifest as physical symptoms of tightness, pressure, pain. They could also be ‘seen’ on your mind screen as imagery, darker / denser energy matter, manifest as messages, words and or memories.

If you were to visualize yourself surrounded by a field similar to the way our Earth is surrounded by atmosphere, you may become aware of these memories / blockages as they live in your body and surrounding space. I will be sharing a guided meditation with you soon that will take you on a quest of exploring these internalized emotions and a few techniques to shift the response.

In the context of the MEGA ENERGY boost initiative, I’d like to mention that staying away from situations / people that bring our frequency down emotionally and energetically; or communicating our boundaries with regards to how we’d like to connect as well as working through our own reactions are the important step to bringing more high frequency in.

Tell me – what are your main patterns? Emotions that you’re afraid to experience? And where in your body do they live?

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