Alice in PolyLand Elite Fantasy Sensual Play Party – August 17

Alice in PolyLand Elite Fantasy Sensual Play Party – August 17

Would you like to experience a vividly sensual, playful, mysterious and pleasure-filled ELITE FANTASY EXPERIENTIAL PLAY PARTY?

  • Are you ready to get one step closer towards expressing your deep seated sensual desires?
  • Are you willing to step tiny little bit outside of your comfort zone and safely face one of your fears?
  • Have you always been curious as to what happens behind the closed doors of sensual play parties? Or perhaps, you’ve been to a few kink parties before?

Apply to join this Exclusive Invitation Only Event

Date: August 17th, 9.00PM-2.00AM
Location: Gorgeous and Boutique The Darling Mansion
Price: $150 pp, $275 per couple (spots limited to 40 guests)*

Trust me – there’s nothing quite ordinary about Alice in PolyLand Elite Fantasy Experiential Play Party!

  • Would you like to join a safe and judgement-free space to watch magnificent and tantalizing scenes?
  • Are you looking forward to meeting an exclusive open-minded audience and make real life connections?
  • Would you dare to try out an experiential sensual play (perhaps being tied up, spanked, tickled or guided through a soulfully sensual experience?) Or simply immerse yourself in an open-minded atmosphere and watch?

Then you’ve come to the right door. I have so much in store for you!

  • Elite costumed sensually enticing party themed Alice in Wonderland
  • Multiple sensory experiential play stations (sensation play / spanking station, rope, tickling, spiritual sexuality experiential) if you’d like to indulge in these with our master guides
  • Free play space for skillful kink players
  • Mystery playful game fostering connections, laughter and unstoppable fun!
  • Safety and anonymity
  • Movement and Energy Orgasm demonstrations
  • Delicious snacks
  • Alice in Polyland Book gifts
  • Photo booth for those who’d like their photos taken

Clients Reviews & Testimonials

“Still feeling incredible after an adventurous, fun, sensual night, guided by Alice.Gracefully and skillfully, Alice guided the first-time-curious-souls through the labyrinth of eyebrow-raising scenes and raw sensual desires, all the while ensuring comfort of all of the participants. One couldn’t ask for a more masterful guide!
Alice exudes an abundance of femininity, power, and playfulness and is one of the most daring, sensual and fun women I have ever met. I am so grateful for that incredibly satisfying and sexually liberating spontaneous experience that Alice has created for me  and participants, where I was “chained” to a cross blind-folded (all consensual of course) and played with.
It is so delicious and arousing to have a fantasy come to life! heartfelt thank you for an unforgettably fun experience.”

A. V., Financial Director
Adult Playground Tour Participant

Thank YOU for bringing me in tonight! I learned and exercised today what I have never ever tried in my life…

You helped me break my anxiety and fear barriers today. It was really a life enriching experience! Thank you!”
A. S., Managing Director
Adult Playground Tour Participant

“To be completely candid I have struggled on the topic of sexuality, kink and being confident in my image and personal desires.    You were one of the first women I found to be so extraordinarily inspiring and helpful!”

T. J., Entrepreneur
Kink Party Participant

* There are limited seats and in fairness to everyone, your spot is guaranteed once paid for. Because of this, all sales on workshops are FINAL.

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